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What is eSports and how to bet safely

Sports betting continues to grow; over time, new options and trends emerge beyond “traditional” sports. Without a doubt, eSports is one of the most potent sections with the best growth prospects worldwide.

For many experts, eSports could be considered the future of bookmakers, so we have decided to present you with an overview of these gaming options. The main elements of sports and esports bets are the same, even the bonuses. Like in sports, also for esports bets online bookmakers offer different welcome bonuses and risk-free bets, etc.

eSports Key Elements

Nowadays there are many bookmakers with eSports. The phenomenon of betting on eSports has been growing very strongly in recent times and they are now also available in live betting.

With the increased presence of high-profile events, the growth of sponsors, and professional gamer academies around the world, eSports betting has risen at a frantic pace. Tournaments are held almost every week and you can place bets on dozens of markets to seek profit. Casinos with bets on eSports have grown hand in hand with the rise of eSports themselves, as they have a worldwide community of millions of players and followers that have achieved a fantastic drag effect on bookmakers. The trend is explosive worldwide, which is why many see them as the great betting products of the future.

In addition, the difficulties of recent months in traditional sports did not affect eSports and this notably helped its definitive consolidation in the offer of bookmakers.

Types of Bets in eSports

eSports bookmakers offer multiple betting options. In fact, one of the greatest strengths of this type of betting is that they have many different markets. Whether we’re talking about League of Legends, Dota 2, Starcraft, or whatever, you’ll have so much more to choose from in your predictions, as well as who is the winner of the match.

It is true that there may be variations depending on the game we are talking about, but you can place your bets on the outcome of some specific plays, on which player or team will obtain a specific characteristic, who will achieve the first death…

Of course, betting on live eSports is now also possible. In this mode, you will find the same excitement and options as always to bet in real time on your favorite e-sport. Just like football, tennis, or basketball, the odds for live events will be updated instantly based on what happens in the matches. The great connoisseurs of eSports will find here the best options to win really interesting prizes.

eSports Most Important Events

Almost every day there are events worldwide in eSports. Its most relevant tournaments have a presence in the betting offer, especially when we talk about Counter-Strike, Dota 2, FIFA, Starcraft, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rainbow Six, and other video game championships. These are options with millions of followers and, of course, they can be followed live via streaming, in high quality, and with multiple betting proposals such as the championship-winning team.

Along with the best-known world events, there are also others of a more regional or national nature that are gaining strength with each passing day. There are events on all continents and their reception is increasing among eSports bookmakers. The excitement and prizes of these competitions have not stopped growing and users of betting websites can now make their predictions.

A list of the top 10 most followed and trending  eSports in 2022

  1. Optic Gaming
  2. Kru Esports
  3. Bren Esports
  4. Furia Esports
  5. Esports Engine
  6. Alligator Esports
  7. The Guard Esports
  8. Arlington Major
  9. Gmt Esports
  10. FGC Esports
What is eSports and how to bet safely