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why is football called soccer?

why is football called soccer The fact that the sport known as football in Great Britain is typically referred to as soccer in the United States is one of the most notable distinctions between British and American English. Soccer is

FUTSAL CUP Hongyen drop BTS to top Group A

FUTSAL CUP KORAT (September 5, 2022) – At Terminal 21 in Korat, Thailand, Hongyen Thakam from Thailand put on a focused performance to defeat Bintang Timur Surabaya (BTS) from Indonesia 5-2 and take control of Group A of the AFF

How online casinos can source finance

How online casinos can source finance Statistics show that the online casino industry is growing rapidly in terms of users and revenue on a yearly basis. The UK is one of the biggest markets for gaming. The gaming industry generated

What is eSports and how to bet safely

Sports betting continues to grow; over time, new options and trends emerge beyond “traditional” sports. Without a doubt, eSports is one of the most potent sections with the best growth prospects worldwide. For many experts, eSports could be considered the